Who is Lucy?

We’ve been asked a few times who this “Lucy” is. For all you non-Skidmore folk, Lucy refers to Lucy Skidmore Scribner, the original foundress of Skidmore College. If you’re on campus, perhaps you’ve seen her featured on our posters, thinking about 2012 looks from Kate Spade, McQ, etc.

If you’d like a little background, Lucy Skidmore was born on July 4, 1853. She was raised by her aunt in Manhattan, as her mother died soon after her birth. Growing up, she was dedicated to community service and taught at the mission school related to her church. She married John Blair Scribner, but both of their children died in infancy and John died soon after from pneumonia.

In 1897 Lucy purchased a summer home in Saratoga Springs and eventually settled here permanently. She and four other women from her church established the “Young Women’s Industrial Club” in 1903, which would become the “Skidmore School of Arts” about 10 years later.

Without Lucy, there would be no Skidmore College. For more of her story, go here.


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