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What A Find

A few weeks ago, two of my high school friends came to visit Skidmore and while they were here I had the glorious freedom of having access to a car. After spending Saturday shopping in Saratoga and dodging snow flurries by darting into Mrs. London’s, the three of us decided to head out to nearby Glens Falls. While many shops were closed because we are poor planners who decide to go shopping on Sundays, we did happen upon two great finds.

First was a place called The Chocolate Mill, where we enjoyed some delicious coffee, or in my case, peppermint hot chocolate. This café also offers breakfast and lunch options as well as, as you may expect from the name, chocolate treats in countless forms. If you ever take a shopping trip (or any trip) to Glens Falls, I suggest stopping in The Chocolate Mill for your caffeine/chocolate fix.

Our second find (the one more pertinent to this blog) was a consignment shop called Finders Keepers. This shop is filled with everything from sweaters to prom gowns, all for great prices. There are also shoes, handbags, jewelry, and even books and movies. The shop is cluttered in the best way possible. The large selection of clothing means the clothes are everywhere, but it’s not headache-inducing or hard to maneuver. There are dresses hanging from the ceiling, plants and knick-knacks framing the racks of clothes, and cute and convenient fitting rooms in the back of the store. The racks of clothes are organized by type of clothing, making it easy to browse the whole store or look for something specific. In just the time we were there I must have heard the saleswomen on the phone with at least three people interested in selling their old clothes, so it would seem they are always receiving new merchandise.

We easily spent a couple hours exploring the store and our shopping experience ended up being a huge success. We all had a good time and found something we wanted. I found two business-y skirts for $6 each and a dress that fit perfectly for $12. If you’re looking to expand your wardrobe without spending a fortune, I definitely recommend checking out Finders Keepers.

The Chocolate Mill’s website

More info on Finders Keepers here

My Finds: Dress for $12!

My Finds: two skirts for $6 each!



ACA is Looking for Models and Clothes!

This year’s ACA Dinner will include a fashion show featuring an array of Asian clothing. ACA is searching for clothes they can borrow for the show. They are looking for clothes from any Asian country, either traditional or modern. If you have any pieces ACA can borrow, or if you have interest in modeling in the show, contact Dawid Pypec at

The event will be held on April 14th. In addition to the fashion show, the dinner will include many other performances related to Asian culture–everything from dances to game shows. Don’t miss it!

Lucy Skidmore Scribner

We’ve been asked a few times who this “Lucy” is. For all you non-Skidmore folk, Lucy refers to Lucy Skidmore Scribner, the original foundress of Skidmore College. If you’re on campus, perhaps you’ve seen her featured on our posters, thinking about 2012 looks from Kate Spade, McQ, etc.

If you’d like a little background, Lucy Skidmore was born on July 4, 1853. She was raised by her aunt in Manhattan, as her mother died soon after her birth. Growing up, she was dedicated to community service and taught at the mission school related to her church. She married John Blair Scribner, but both of their children died in infancy and John died soon after from pneumonia.

In 1897 Lucy purchased a summer home in Saratoga Springs and eventually settled here permanently. She and four other women from her church established the “Young Women’s Industrial Club” in 1903, which would become the “Skidmore School of Arts” about 10 years later.

Without Lucy, there would be no Skidmore College. For more of her story, go here.