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Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

It’s been a busy summer and I realize I’ve been slacking on my posts. I’m working full time and preparing to leave the country for my semester abroad, which has left little time to write/blog. But now, it’s time for an update.

I’ve decided that I don’t want to limit my blogging to Skidmore-related content. This blog has been a good start to get some ideas flowing, but I’ve decided to relocate to a new blog called Come Hell or High Fashion, which will be my personal fashion blog. It’s likely I’ll still post about Skidmore, but I will also feel free to post about anything related to the fashion world: anything from pictures of Marchesa’s new line to what I think of the outfits at the Olympic opening ceremonies to whatever I happen to be wearing one day. I hope this will provide me with more topics to write about and be more interesting for anyone reading what I have to say!

Mariel and a few other people I had in mind to take over What Would Lucy Wear have said this upcoming semester looks quite busy already without the added pressure of updating regularly. So as of right now, this blog is going on hiatus. I may return to it when I get back to the U.S. but right now, I’m not sure. I hope you’ll follow me to my new location: Come Hell or High Fashion !



End of the School Year Update: Looking Forward

Hello everyone, and happy summer! I thought I’d give you a little end of the school year update on what’s to come on What Would Lucy Wear.

On Friday I finished packing up and returned home to Massachusetts. I currently have my hands full moving back in and making the belongings that took up two rooms all year fit in one. (Time to clean out my closet…the one at school was gloriously large, but it’s time to readapt to my closet at home.) However, I hope to post a bit this summer. Obviously, these posts won’t be about Skidmore happenings, but I’ll still find some things to write about, I’m sure. I hope to visit the Prada exhibit at the MET at some point and will write up a review of that. Basically anything fashion-related is going to be fair game this summer so we’ll still have fresh content.

Looking forward, I won’t be back on campus next semester, as I’ll be studying in Paris! I was recently accepted to the Paris Fall Seminar program so I’ll be heading to France in late August to study films, graphic novels, and of course, French. While abroad, I’ll try to continue posting (the resident director already mentioned something about getting me into a fashion show?!) and we’ll see about having someone back at Skidmore posting, too. We could have a transatlantic blog for a semester!


Ujima Fashion Show on DVD

If you missed the Ujima fashion show earlier this month, or if you want to see it again, you can request a DVD copy from SkidTV. Just head to SkidTV’s website to fill out the brief order form.

SkidTV already posted some photos from the show, which occurs during Black History Month and features students modeling a wide variety of styles. Local businesses donate clothing and accessories to be featured in this annual event. Here are some of our favorite looks from this year’s show: