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Student Designer Profile: Victoria Manganiello

The Element Fashion show draws nearer! Tomorrow, the runway will be adorned with the hard work of designers, models, and the Element team.

This week, I had the chance to talk to Victoria Manganiello, one of the designers involved with the show.  Victoria, a senior new to Element, has not previously incorporated clothing into her work with fabrics for her Studio Art and Art History studies, but she feels that creating clothing was a natural extension of her exploration of fiber arts and textiles. She explains that she thinks of her pieces less as fashion and more as a representation of the fabrics she has made.

Victoria has created two pieces that she describes as “responses to body heat.” Her approach to this idea was not scientific, but rather “a reinterpretation” that uses colors that blend and morph to invoke the flow of body heat. When asked about the Twilight Zone theme of the show she replies, “I think it’s cool. I had my designs before I knew the theme, but it makes me feel that the atmosphere of the catwalk will be kind of spooky and will support the dramatic side of my pieces.”

Detail of Victoria's dress

Detail on Scarf

While she has incorporated a certain level of drama in her runway pieces, Victoria describes her personal style as comfortable and practical; she loves wearing geometric patterns and earthy tones. She made the sharp observation that whether someone is consciously interested in fashion or not, everyone has a personal style. She may not have favorite designers, but this girl certainly has an understanding of what people wear.

To see Victoria’s work on the runway, be sure to attend the Element Fashion Show tomorrow night at 7 in the small gym! $5 ahead of time, $8 at the door.


Element Fashion Show Interest Meeting

This Thursday, March 1st, there will be a general interest meeting for the Element Fashion Show. Head to Case Lounge at 6:00 pm for general information and 6:15 if you’re interested in designing. This is one of the biggest fashion events on campus, so get involved! The Element team is looking for clothing and jewelry designers, hair and make-up artists, and models. The event will be held on April 13th and this year it is Twilight Zone-themed, so it seems everyone will be looking as dapper as Rod Serling and models will arrive on the runway via crashing elevators. No; as cool as that would be, I don’t think that’s the plan. But if you have better ideas or designs you would like to share, attend the meeting!