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Betsey Johnson Going Out of Business

The lover of all things pink and leopard-print is going out of business. Betsey Johnson recently declared bankruptcy and now all stores are liquidating their remaining fixtures and merchandise. I stopped by the store at the Natick Collection yesterday and everything was 30-60% off. I’m sure the sales will only get better with time, but already the small sizes are disappearing quickly so if you’re interested in this last chance to buy your fill of poofy, sparkly, yet somehow-still-edgy dresses, head over soon before they run out of your size! I found a fantastic skull patterned sweater, but, unfortunately, even with the sale it was still out of my price range (and the only one left was the wrong size).

There is some good news: as of now it seems that although the high-end Betsey Johnson line is shutting down, the brand aims to keep a few “flagship-like stores” open and the lower-priced Betsey Johnson label found in department stores will continue to be available.